Hello, Preston!

The good people of Preston turned out in force for the final book-signing of “Cold Bath Street”, on Sunday.  The book – nicknamed “The Little Book that Could” – is currently number 1 in the northern cluster of Waterstones branches.

The bookshop was very busy, with readers of all ages. Many of the customers were relatives of the author or had attended school with him. Small world!

Our wonderful team – Sam Johnson, Josh Moorby, Wayne Noble, AJ Hartley, myself, Brionee Fenlon and Debbie Williams. We presented Andy with a picture from “Cold Bath Street” of Dolly Bannister, a character from the novel.

Oh What a Wonderful Launch!

Thursday, 11th April was the official launch date of “Cold Bath Street”. Published by UCLan Publishing, the novel was written by A J Hartley, New York Times prize-winning author, and illustrated by myself. Hartley now lives in the US but originates from Preston, the setting for this YA  gothic novel.

Sam Johnson, one of the publishing team behind the novel, had presented to an audience at the London Book Fair, the previous day. Sam was shortlisted for an award for this novel. His self-effacing delivery under-played the huge amount of work behind the production and completion of the book.

The official launch took place at the prestigious Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road.

The production team behind the novel were reunited and discussed the process behind the creation of this lovely wee book.

AJ Hartley and I had a great time signing books for a room full of enthusiastic book-lovers. I felt the illustrator’s autograph should be of a more visual nature so used my special “terrified eye” stamp to add a little interest.

My first ever book signing was such an exciting experience. Can you tell?

Book Signing

My first ever book signing! I wonder if anyone will want the autograph of the humble illustrator? What an adventure! (And what an opportunity to buy new shoes!)

Two events for your diary. Please do come along and say, “Hello!”