Masters Art Exhibition

After two years of study and research for my Masters degree in Fine Art, Thursday 7th September saw the opening of the course Art Show. Lovely to see everyone’s work and to meet so many enthusiastic people.

My area of interest has been identity, the different “selves” we adopt in life and the major formative life events we experience.

As a child, I tended to block out unsettling things in my surroundings by immersing myself in books and comics. Using the imagery of children’s comics, I depicted key traumatic events from my past.

I have been asked to explain the “writing” in my work. This is an alphabet, created during my school days, to allow me to communicate with my closest friends in a way that prevented our secret notes being read by others. I felt it appropriate to use this writing to re-tell stories to which only a few trusted allies were previously privy.

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